Thai yoga massage and Wùo Taï

Thai yoga massage and Wùo Taï are both meditative bodywork practices. In Thai yoga massage i will use both traditional and dynamic form depending what the person requires and depending on what find it needed and tap on my intuition of what is required.  Thai yoga massage is a mixture of applied yoga postures, acupressure and stretches. Thai yoga massage will work on   increases flexibility and circulation, relieves tension, anxiety and stress, and detoxifies the body. It creates a sense of peace and calm while improving and balancing the health of the physical, mental,


and emotional bodies. It integrates passive stretching with massage and acupressure techniques, working along the “sen” (energy) lines of your body.  

Releases both physical and mental tension and depending on your needs; can be relaxing or energising: It keeps all the body systems healthy, and when used therapeutically, can relieve backache; neck, shoulder pain, migraine, to name a few. 


Pregnancy massage is based on Thai yoga massage with modifications to keep mother and baby safe.   The massage positioning will be mainly on the side and i will use stretches, acupressure and applied yoga postures to relieve physical, energetical challenges in pregnancy.  i will make sure the mum to be feels nurtured, save and completely relaxed. 

Who Tai is a unique modality that was developed by a French osteopath over ten years ago. Roland Combes explains that he wanted create a bridge between osteopathy and yoga. A desire that everything be held in a gesture exploring the mechanics as well as the direction of the movement. Who Tai is A mixture of old and new gestures, from the east and west, without any particular philosophical context. 

Wuo Tai is a quiet sequence of elliptical gestures in a subtle dance of two. In Wuo Tai we try to put a muscle in a tension and through the gesture we move the muscle chains, the bones, the joints and the fascias. Wùo Taï does not require any particular physical condition, is practiced on the ground, at any age, dressed in a flexible outfit. 

Both therapies are tailored to your needs, therefore everyone receives the maximum benefit regardless of size, age or level of fitness and flexibility.   Both massages are performed on a padded floormat; The receiver stays fully dressed and no oils or lotions are applied. 



£90 for 60 min

£140 for 90 min

£170 for 120 min


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